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7E1E369F-2226-4C98-AC30-A7132AFEC356Deidra Lauren Chaney lives in Atlanta with her husband, Brandon, their two shepherd mixes, Donté and Stella, and their cat, Mynah.  In April 2016, Deidra created Bellinis on Bellemeade as a way to document her life’s passions.

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The goal of Bellinis on Bellemeade is to inspire myself and others to appreciate and embrace the details this world has to offer through creation, decor, fashion, and “the little things” in life.  I hope to inspire others to take the time to do what they love, and be happy each and every day!

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nicknames people call me:

d, deed, deeder

favorite thing in my house:

my animals

pet peeves:

pet peeves.JPGworst habit:

procrastination, OCD

go-to drink:


first celebrity crush(es):

Brian & AJ

my guilty pleasure:

cheese & sleep

all time favorite TV shows:

TV shows

best friend(s):

my mom

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email: bellinisonbellemeade@gmail.com