• a cocktail that is a mixture of Prosecco sparkling wine and peach purée or nectar.


  • the name of the street where Deidra and her husband, Brandon, purchased their first home.


Following years of dreaming about starting my own blog, I finally decided to take the leap during Spring of 2016.  Even though the idea had been marinating in the back of my mind for several years, when game time arrived, I became stumped on what to name this voyage.  I wanted to make sure it represented the overall culture I planned to convey with the blog, but it also needed to be unique and memorable.

While on an evening walk with our pups, B and I continued the routine discussion of new ideas and propositions.  Prosecco has been my drink of choice for years and peach is my favorite flavor, as well as the official fruit of the State of Georgia (where B and I were both born and raised).  As such, the word bellini had been on almost every brainstorming list I had created.  As we turned the corner to head home, I looked up to see the street sign reading “Bellemeade Ave.”  Boom – Bellinis on Bellemeade was born.

The name encompasses not only my love of Prosecco and the State of Georgia (represented by the peach), but also gives credit to the street where B and I bought our first home together and currently reside (which is a prominent source of inspiration for the blog).


{See my favorite peach bellini recipe and tips here.}