The Little Things – Alligator Point

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{The Little Things – Alligator Point}

Happy Tuesday!  B and I are currently on vacation in Florida on beautiful Alligator Point.  This place is a private and secluded peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, only an approximate 5 hour drive from the ATL.  Being first time visitors, we are absolutely stunned with the amount of solitude and charm this place resonates.

We have rented an adorable bungalow on the beach, complete with an outdoor shower and screened-in porch.  Not only are the puppies allowed in the house, they can roam the beach sans leash!  I cannot vouch that this place is any Punta Cana, but Alligator Point is definitely a secluded oasis of natural beauty.  It is perfect for true beach lovers looking for a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of today’s world. Continue reading “The Little Things – Alligator Point”

My Current Hair Products

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My Current Hair Products

Growing up in a dance studio, I spent most days slicking back my ponytail with sparkly hair gel or finding the easiest and quickest route to make a bun presentable enough for my ballet teacher.  In middle and high school, I went through the phase of flat ironing my hair until it was stick straight or using hot rollers to give that Lindsay Lohan circa 2004 “Mean Girls” look.  Luckily, over the years, I have learned (mainly the hard way) what works best for my type of hair…oily, yet frizzy and thin…lovely, right?  The following are my current hair products and why or how I have come to use them.   Continue reading “My Current Hair Products”

Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

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Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

Post-college, everyone tends to disburse and go their separate ways.  Some move home in hopes of finding a job or making a life plan, while others hit the real world head on.  B and I were lucky to be of the latter, first renting a house in Brookhaven for a few years before purchasing the home in Midtown that we live in today.  We have come to find that living in the city attracts a generous amount of house guests, whether it consists of family staying for the holidays, friends from out of town, or suburban dwellers aiming to explore the city for an evening.  Over time, I have complied a few tips and tricks to elevate the probability that our guests have the utmost comfortable stay.   Continue reading “Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests”

The Little Things

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{A quirky phone ornament that was given as a Christmas present by my best friend’s mom…I just couldn’t put this one away, so it brightens the floating shelves in our kitchen}

Happy Friday!  B and I are looking forward to a few good friends visiting over the next couple of days and the one week countdown to our beach trip next Friday.  Remember to take time to enjoy the little things and have a wonderful weekend!
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Cork Crafting

Cork Crafting - cork C
Cork Crafting

Being an extreme wine lover, I always have quite the cork collection on hand.  My mother accumulated quite a number of corks when I was growing up, using them in a ginormous wine glass as decoration or just keeping them for a rainy day project.  As such, I began cork crafting even before my true love of wine legitimately developed.

Today, I collect corks (both wine and champagne/prosecco) in the cutest wine bottle-shaped iron basket on our kitchen counter (it was a gift from my “2nd mother,” my best friend Christina’s mom).  Once that gets full…like once a week 😉 … I dump them in a large monogrammed bucket in the dining room that is cute enough for decoration, but can also be used as an ice bucket to hold bottles for parties, among other things.

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Cinco de Mayo Tacos & Margs!

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Cinco de Mayo Tacos & Margs!

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, along with my best friend Cameron’s fiesta-themed engagement party on Saturday, one of mine and B’s absolute favorite home meals is tacos!

I thought I’d share our ‘how to’ for a fun and festive at-home taco bar.  It is super easy and can be entertaining, yet simple.  We have come to really enjoy the Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit that you can pick up at most local grocery stores.  It typically comes with 10 shells, taco sauce, and seasoning mix – all you are responsible for is meat and toppings.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016 - Main Image
Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it can often be difficult to find the perfect gift for that special woman in your life.  Whether it’s your mother, grandmother, or any other important mommy in your life, these gifts will make any woman feel loved and cherished.   Continue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016”