DVD/Blu-Ray Organization

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DVD/Blue-Ray Organization

My husband has an obsession with collecting music and movies.  Luckily, the invention of iTunes, the iPod, and finally, the iPhone, created an organizational hub to house his ever-growing music collection.  Not so luckily, what started out as VHS has now evolved to DVDs and even to the ever-so magnificent (his words…not mine) Blu-ray, none of which can be condensed into an electronic library.  Yes, I know several DVDs and Blu-rays come with digital copies, but not all do…and who could convince B to part with his very first copy of Old School or The Dark Knight…no one.  After coming to the conclusion that he (1) thinks of his movie collection as I do my pink-velvet covered Sex & the City: The Complete Series…precious and imperative to life as we know it; and (2) keeps his mouth mostly shut about my clothes and shoe collections… I decided to look the other way and just accept it. Continue reading “DVD/Blu-Ray Organization”

Wedding Gallery Collage- The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art

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Wedding Gallery Collage – The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art

Collage walls have become all the rage in the past 10+ years.  I was instantly attracted the eclectic style they resonate, as well as the ability to encompass so many stories in such a small area.  You can utilize various frames, textures, and even objects to visually piece together a puzzle of your liking.  My inspiration arose from an absolutely priceless first anniversary gift from some of our best friends, Robert and Courtney Butker.   Continue reading “Wedding Gallery Collage- The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art”

The Little Things

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{Dave Matthews Band // Labor Dave 2016 // George, Washington // The Gorge Amphitheater // One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been on Earth…}

Over the past few weeks, busy would be an understatement for the hectic lifestyle we’ve been attempting to keep orderly.  We hosted a few parties, played nurse to my mom (who has had a record-breaking number of random surgeries this year…but is recovering fabulously), attended a few concerts and the first UGA home game, visited the astounding construction of my parent’s house renovation, and even took a trip out to George, Washington for a 3-day Dave Matthews Band extravaganza (also known as “Labor Dave”) at the famous Gorge Amphitheater!  I want to apologize for putting Bellinis on Bellemeade on hold, but can assure you all of the crazy shenanigans have provided a plethora of ideas, events, and blogging paraphernalia that I plan to share in the near future!  :: Cheers! :: Continue reading “The Little Things”