The Little Things

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{Dave Matthews Band // Labor Dave 2016 // George, Washington // The Gorge Amphitheater // One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been on Earth…}

Over the past few weeks, busy would be an understatement for the hectic lifestyle we’ve been attempting to keep orderly.  We hosted a few parties, played nurse to my mom (who has had a record-breaking number of random surgeries this year…but is recovering fabulously), attended a few concerts and the first UGA home game, visited the astounding construction of my parent’s house renovation, and even took a trip out to George, Washington for a 3-day Dave Matthews Band extravaganza (also known as “Labor Dave”) at the famous Gorge Amphitheater!  I want to apologize for putting Bellinis on Bellemeade on hold, but can assure you all of the crazy shenanigans have provided a plethora of ideas, events, and blogging paraphernalia that I plan to share in the near future!  :: Cheers! :: Continue reading “The Little Things”


My lovely mom (preggers w/ me!) & her 1st LV (1989).

Ever since I can remember, I visualize my mother toting around an over sized Louis Vuitton bag.  At first, say elementary school, I didn’t understand and thought it was just an ugly brown purse.  Fast forward several years…as I began to learn the value of quality and my love affair for designers started to blossom, a true understanding and respect for high quality items started to thrive. Continue reading “Bags”