Christmas/Holiday Potpourri

Chirstmas-Holiday Potpourri - Main Image.JPG
Christmas/Holiday Potpourri

Every year, I look forward to the unmistakable scents of the holiday season.  I also thoroughly enjoy giving gifts, especially those which can be used to enhance someone’s holiday spirit.  A few year ago, I came across this recipe for Christmas Potpourri.  It’s a perfectly simple and unique gift to spread the holiday cheer!


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I started by collecting glass jars or containers throughout the year (old candle jars, mason jars, etc.).  As mentioned in several of my previous posts (here and here), I prefer to package items in reusable containers when appropriate.  (You can use anything from wicker baskets, to cute boxes and other types of containers, such as this aluminum pale.)  Green and effective!


A few weeks before all of the family Christmas craziness began, I made a rough list to estimate the number of “portions” I planned to make and for what day (i.e. you don’t want to make these too far in advance, as they contain fresh cranberries and oranges…but you can prepare the spices early).  I ended up with one per family at all of our family Christmases (there are a TON of us), a few for neighbors and family friends, and even one for my husband’s new manager.

Chirstmas-Holiday Potpourri Ingredients.JPG

Ingredients & Supplies:

Oranges, Cranberries, & Ground Nutmeg – grocery store

Cloves & Cinnamon Sticks – grocery store or (they tend to be cheaper in bulk)


Hole Punch


Ziploc Bags (snack sized)

Twine, Ribbon, or Rope (of your choice…could use all the same or a variety)

Jars or Glass Containers

// get free printable here //


  1. Gather all of your jars (or whichever container you decide on).  Customize and print this free printable and customize it however you’d like (I added “Love, the Chaneys” at the bottom).
  2. Punch a hole in the printable and attach to each jar with twine, ribbon, or rope.
  3. Add in the oranges and cranberries (I opted for tangerines in place for the oranges so they would fit in my glass containers and still give off the same citrus vibe.)
  4. Cut the corners off of the Ziploc bags to create a small, clear triangular baggie.  Measure out your cloves and nutmeg, placing each in their own baggie and tie off with twine, ribbon, or rope.  Add one of each into your jar.
  5. Place 3 cinnamon sticks in each jar.
  6. Seal & deliver!

I know this post came a little late in the game for Christmas 2016, but I thoroughly believe this scent is appropriate throughout all of the winter months.  You can even change the printable to anything appropriate (“Congratulations on your new home!”;  “Thank you!”; etc.).  Plus, it always pairs nicely with cozy evenings at home by the fire with a nice glass of red!

Chirstmas-Holiday Potpourri - Final product.JPG

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