DIY – Large Framed Chalkboard

Large Framed Chalkboard - Main Image
DIY – Large Framed Chalkboard

Over the past 10ish years, chalkboards have become immensely popular.  It seems they morphed from existing only in classrooms to being beautifully framed as art or even painted on walls in homes and restaurants.  My fascination with them began when B and I purchased our home, as a large chalkboard was painted on a wall in our kitchen.  After B proposed, my interest persisted to flourish with the chalkboard possibilities embedded in wedding planning.

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Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests - Nightstand (2)
Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

Post-college, everyone tends to disburse and go their separate ways.  Some move home in hopes of finding a job or making a life plan, while others hit the real world head on.  B and I were lucky to be of the latter, first renting a house in Brookhaven for a few years before purchasing the home in Midtown that we live in today.  We have come to find that living in the city attracts a generous amount of house guests, whether it consists of family staying for the holidays, friends from out of town, or suburban dwellers aiming to explore the city for an evening.  Over time, I have complied a few tips and tricks to elevate the probability that our guests have the utmost comfortable stay.   Continue reading “Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests”