The Little Things

The Little Things - Post 6 - Butterfly in Flowers - Main Image.JPG
{Pretty butterfly frolicking in the flowers.}

Happy Friday!  I have been crazy busy with work and am counting down the days until our October 17th deadline (…which is usually October 15th, but it happened to fall on a Saturday this year…go figure).  I am greatly looking forward to a weekend full of fall weather, time with my parents, and a few parties for friends.  My mom and I are actually throwing a bridal brunch shower on Sunday for a family friend…I smell mimosas!  Remember to keep all of those affected by this tragic hurricane in your thoughts and prayers.  Enjoy your weekend!

The Little Things - Post 6 - Ladybug on a Pumpkin.JPG
{Orange ladybug on our first pumpkin of the season!  Welcome, fall!}
The Little Things - Post 6 - Sunset Against my Building.JPG
{The only good thing about working into the evening, beautiful fall sunsets on my work building in Midtown Atlanta.}
The Little Things - Post 6 - Air Plant.JPG
{A new obsession – air plants!  I love how the hanging glass bulb acts as a nest for these unique plants.  Plus, any indoor greenery that can be placed far out of reach from the animals is a win in my book.}
The Little Things - Post 6 - Skeleton.JPG
{Our Halloween decorations are slowly emerging.  B and I absolutely love Halloween and everything that comes with it! …zombies…haunted houses…candy…fall weather…  }

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