Christmas/Holiday Potpourri

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Christmas/Holiday Potpourri

Every year, I look forward to the unmistakable scents of the holiday season.  I also thoroughly enjoy giving gifts, especially those which can be used to enhance someone’s holiday spirit.  A few year ago, I came across this recipe for Christmas Potpourri.  It’s a perfectly simple and unique gift to spread the holiday cheer! Continue reading “Christmas/Holiday Potpourri”

Simple Homemade Organic Dog Treats

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Simple Homemade Organic Dog Treats

It’s that time of year again where everyone begins to tone down the eating and amp up the healthy vibes.  Not only are B and I attempting to be healthier during 2017, but why not bring our pups into the mix?  This recipe is extremely simple, requires barely any preparation time, and Donté and Stella cannot get enough of them! Continue reading “Simple Homemade Organic Dog Treats”

Back to Reality…Post Vacation Tips

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Back to Reality…Post Vacation Tips

Last week, B and I vacationed for 7 nights in beautiful Runaway Bay, Jamaica to celebrate our second year wedding anniversary…check out our pics…“yah mon – respect!”  Tuesday, November 8th marked 9 years together, which seems absolutely bizarre at our “young” ages of 27 and 29.  Although long trips are relaxing and often-times much needed, they tend to drift you further and further from the daily routines we all work so hard to establish.

As a result, returning home from a long vacation can be a process.  It tends to take a few days to adjust back to every-day life…especially not having mimosas every morning at breakfast.  True stuff!  To expand on my previous post Globetrotting Prep Guide, here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned to help lessen the impact of returning back to reality. Continue reading “Back to Reality…Post Vacation Tips”

DVD/Blu-Ray Organization

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DVD/Blue-Ray Organization

My husband has an obsession with collecting music and movies.  Luckily, the invention of iTunes, the iPod, and finally, the iPhone, created an organizational hub to house his ever-growing music collection.  Not so luckily, what started out as VHS has now evolved to DVDs and even to the ever-so magnificent (his words…not mine) Blu-ray, none of which can be condensed into an electronic library.  Yes, I know several DVDs and Blu-rays come with digital copies, but not all do…and who could convince B to part with his very first copy of Old School or The Dark Knight…no one.  After coming to the conclusion that he (1) thinks of his movie collection as I do my pink-velvet covered Sex & the City: The Complete Series…precious and imperative to life as we know it; and (2) keeps his mouth mostly shut about my clothes and shoe collections… I decided to look the other way and just accept it. Continue reading “DVD/Blu-Ray Organization”

Wedding Gallery Collage- The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art

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Wedding Gallery Collage – The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art

Collage walls have become all the rage in the past 10+ years.  I was instantly attracted the eclectic style they resonate, as well as the ability to encompass so many stories in such a small area.  You can utilize various frames, textures, and even objects to visually piece together a puzzle of your liking.  My inspiration arose from an absolutely priceless first anniversary gift from some of our best friends, Robert and Courtney Butker.   Continue reading “Wedding Gallery Collage- The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art”

The Lost Art of Sending Thank You Notes

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The Lost Art of Sending Thank You Notes

We have officially arrived in the day and age where paper communication is tiptoeing along the border of extinction.  Growing up, I still remember my mother making a list of presents received at each birthday.  When the party ended, I was not allowed outside of the house until all of my thank you notes were completed.

At the time, it was obviously a complete drag and I despised every second of it.  In hindsight, I am beyond thankful that my mother instilled this tradition into my brain at an early age.  To this day, I enjoy taking the time to send thank you notes, birthday cards, and even Christmas cards via snail mail.  I believe a physical letter truly adds a personal touch that does not exist with electronic communication.  Plus, who doesn’t love to receive something in the mailbox besides bills!?   Continue reading “The Lost Art of Sending Thank You Notes”

Saddle Stool Makeover – Seating in the Kitchen

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Saddle Stool Makeover – Seating in the Kitchen

When we purchased our home, I absolutely adored becoming acquainted with the vintage, yet updated, nooks and crannies of our beloved 1930’s bungalow.  Instantly, one of my favorite rooms was the kitchen.  Heart of the home…access to outdoors for grilling…vastly spacious for the age of the house…what was not to like?

After a few weeks living in our new space, I began to realize something was missing in the kitchen…seating.  We have a formal dining room and tend to eat on the couch while watching TV, but with the kitchen being the heart of the home, it ended up becoming the main room of congregation.  As avid hosts, accompanied with Brandon’s love for cooking, I slowly realized the need for a place to sit your bum, prop up your feet, and take the responsibility of sue chef while having a glass of wine or chatting with visitors. Continue reading “Saddle Stool Makeover – Seating in the Kitchen”

DIY – Hospital Care Package

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DIY – Hospital Care Package

Just under three years ago, our friend Zachary was diagnosed with Advanced Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiomyopathy, and Severe Atrial Fibrillation.  Last month, at only 27 years old, the doctors informed him that he would not be returning home until he received a heart transplant.  Amazingly, God provided a heart donor in just over 30 days, with an average wait time upwards of four months.  His road to recovery will not be easy, but if anyone can do it, I know he can.

Zachary is one of the most genuine, loving, and caring people I have ever met.  I am truly honored to call him one of my dearest friends from college.  We met move-in day freshman year, with him pledging B’s fraternity shortly after.  From all of the DeltaSig and ADPi events, to 420 yardies and all night study parties in the library, he could not have brought more joy to our years together at GCSU.   If you would like to donate or learn more, please click here.

Continue reading “DIY – Hospital Care Package”

DIY – Wedding Emergency Kit

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DIY – Wedding Emergency Kit

If there is one thing I remember from our wedding day, it was the sheer fact that after a year and a half of planning, I did not want to worry about ANYTHING the day of.  In order to do such, my number one suggestion is to hire a day-of coordinator.  My mother and I wanted to do all of the design and planing ourselves, but wanted someone else to “play us” that day.  It was the absolute best decision we made, as we were able to soak in all of the detail and truly enjoy the day rather than worrying about vendor coordination, rounding up the wedding party, etc.

My second suggestion is to create an Emergency Wedding Kit, containing anything and everything you could possibly need on the big day.  My bridesmaids created one for our wedding, and I recently created a DIY version for a wedding I am a bridesmaid for in a few weeks.  This post will show you how to create your own DIY – Emergency Wedding Kit, along with a free printable item checklist. Continue reading “DIY – Wedding Emergency Kit”

DIY – Large Framed Chalkboard

Large Framed Chalkboard - Main Image
DIY – Large Framed Chalkboard

Over the past 10ish years, chalkboards have become immensely popular.  It seems they morphed from existing only in classrooms to being beautifully framed as art or even painted on walls in homes and restaurants.  My fascination with them began when B and I purchased our home, as a large chalkboard was painted on a wall in our kitchen.  After B proposed, my interest persisted to flourish with the chalkboard possibilities embedded in wedding planning.

Continue reading “DIY – Large Framed Chalkboard”