Hubby’s Birthday Gift

Hubby’s Birthday Gift

This past week was my husband Brandon’s 29th birthday.  We had a party at out home (theme – Make 29 Great Again) filled with yummy appetizers, a keg of beer (hubby’s request), outdoor games, & good friends/family.  The party itself wasn’t my focus of worry as much as what on earth to get him.

After a lot of Pinteresting (see my boards here) & a little bit of creativity, I came up with the “man version” of a gift basket, complete with little items that remind me of him.  I started out with 10 items, but ended up with 14…fitting in perfect with his birth date of April 14th.  Lastly, I wrapped each item in various paper, made tags showing which each gift represented, staggered all of them in a metal drink pale that we already had in the garage, & topped it off with a rustic banner made from cut out card stock & rope!

It turned out really adorable (I mean…manly), costed a total of under $150, & truly gave B that sentimental punch he needed on his birthday.

“14 Things I love About You”
  1. You’re a great listener – bluetooth headphones ($25)
  2. Your sense of humor – Cards Against Humanity ($25)
  3. Your eyes are the color of chocolate – Reese’s (his favorite candy) (under $5)
  4. You smell so good – cologne samples (free from Nordstrom, when I ordered a makeup refill)
  5. You’re an amazing fur-dad – framed animal paw prints (~$25 – TJ Maxx) (DIY – see post here)
  6. You’re my lucky charm – 4-leaf clover wallet insert (free)
  7. You’re a great kisser – 3-pack of his favorite Blistex Blistex  ($7)
  8. You’re a grill master – grill light ($9)
  9. You try to be organized – cable organizers ($5)
  10. You knock my socks off – Happy Socks ($4 – TJ Maxx)
  11. You make amazing margaritas – 1/5 of Altos tequila ($13 – local liquor store)
  12. You’re my beach bum – “hubby” beach spike drink holder ($5 – Etsy) (DIY – added “hubby” using decal cut from my mom’s cricut machine)
  13. You’re sometimes stinky…but I love you anyway – Poo Pourri ($9.95)
  14. You’re a dynamite shower buddy – Old Spice body wash ($9)


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