DIY – Cards


B's Stud Muffin bday card
Hubby’s birthday card.

I’ve always loved the act of giving or mailing cards to people for both special occasions or just because!  It adds a touch of through that I believe is slowly dwindling in the new age of email, text, Facebook, tweets, etc.

Another great way to make card-giving an even more personal experience is by personally making them yourself.  One of my favorite stores for paper supplies is Paper Source.  They have several stores around town and decent pricing, not to mention the huge wall of stationary options that oddly soothes my OCD.  🙂

Paper Source - statoinary wall

My favorite cards and envelopes are the A2 Folded Cards in Superfine Soft White and the A2 Envelopes to match.  I keep these on hand for everyday use, but mixing and matching different colors for various occasions is fun, as well!

My favorite pens (that are essentially skinny markers) are the Paper Mate Flair Porous Pens (see here).  I use these every day for color coding my planner and desk calendar (see calendar organization post here), as well as for making cards, gift tags, etc.  I love both the variety of colors and how the medium point size still achieves a fine, neat line smooth enough for creating to-do lists, yet thick enough to add a pop to any sketched creation.

4 thoughts on “DIY – Cards

  1. I have some of the most amazing cards that you have given me along the years. Once we get settled I’ll look for them. Love you 😘

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