Peach Bellini

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Peach Bellini

I haven’t always been a super fan of champagne or sparkling wine, but I’ve recently adored the presence it creates for a simple toast or an intimate celebration.  After several years of “growing up” (post college days), I began to value the presence it created for celebration.  B proposed on June 3, 2013 and bubbly began to present itself on a routine basis.  I gradually became romantic with the idea of it, and ended up falling in love.  

  • Your preference on the volume of Prosecco:
    • My current favorite is La Marca (learn more here).
    • The best deal I’ve found lately is Cupcake (learn more here).

IMG_4824 (2).JPG

  • A splash of Peach Nectar:
    • The most convenient version that I keep our fridge stocked with regularly is Jumex peach nectar, available in both 11.3 fl oz cans for smaller servings and 64 fl oz cartons that I purchase for larger parties (find at your local grocery store).  I always like to place it in a decorative decanter for a more polished presentation.
    • If you’re feeling frisky, you can go the organic route and whip up a fresh batch (see instructions here or here).
  • Add peach slices for garnish…and an extra snack. 🙂


NOM!  Enjoy!!

4 thoughts on “Peach Bellini

  1. I told Jeremy about your blog and that I wanted to try La Marca based on your recommendation. Jeremy and I always have some bubbly on mothers day to celebrate me not being a mom 😉 He not only bought the requested Prosecco but also a can of peaches! I had not even requested bellinis but I guess the name of the blog stuck! They were delish!

    *I adore your blog and realize I should probably be commenting…bloggers like that right? 😉

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