DVD/Blu-Ray Organization

DVD-Blue-Ray Organization - Main Image.JPG
DVD/Blue-Ray Organization

My husband has an obsession with collecting music and movies.  Luckily, the invention of iTunes, the iPod, and finally, the iPhone, created an organizational hub to house his ever-growing music collection.  Not so luckily, what started out as VHS has now evolved to DVDs and even to the ever-so magnificent (his words…not mine) Blu-ray, none of which can be condensed into an electronic library.  Yes, I know several DVDs and Blu-rays come with digital copies, but not all do…and who could convince B to part with his very first copy of Old School or The Dark Knight…no one.  After coming to the conclusion that he (1) thinks of his movie collection as I do my pink-velvet covered Sex & the City: The Complete Series…precious and imperative to life as we know it; and (2) keeps his mouth mostly shut about my clothes and shoe collections… I decided to look the other way and just accept it.

After my compliance of the movie collection, I decided an organizational formation was in order (pun intended).  Pre-home purchase, I didn’t have much luck… our rental was beautiful, but definitely not a “forever home.”  Post-home purchase, I found my opportunity.  We agreed on a den/office that would serve as his “man room.”  Let me tell you ladies, this may be the key to a successful marriage!  I have my closet/ladies room/guest room…and the office/den poses as his room to hang all of the sports memorabilia and beer-related knickknacks his little heart desires.  It is absolutely perfecto!!

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Proceeding along with my structuring goals, I began with decorating the space with an organizational prospective.  Ikea has these beautiful cabinets (which actually mirror our armoires), that were perfect to house B’s movie collection.  They have a decent window to show transparency, yet combine a bottom solid portion to hide whatever is needed.  We use that hidden portion for the N-64 games as well as the continuously updated movie print-out.

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When we first moved in, all of the DVDs went straight into the cabinet with no order whatsoever.  After getting settled, I took a Sunday afternoon (most likely while B was watching football), and went to town.  First, I left everything as it was (very out of order) and made a spreadsheet from left to right, top to bottom, consisting of two columns: (1) Title and (2) DVD or Blu-Ray.  After everything was typed in, making sure to include any movies we had purchased on iTunes…just to keep the library up-to-date…I sorted the spreadsheet by “A to Z,” (see step-by-step instructions of sorting in Excel here).

Next, I used the same process for TV series, saving it on another tab inside of the same workpaper. **Be sure to save as you go!  I even back-up our list to my Google Drive so we can update it as we add to our collection.**  Now, the fun part…start alphabetizing!  We opted to discard any duplicates (donating to friends or Goodwill), obviously keeping the newest version of each duplicate (i.e. the Blu-Ray over the DVD).

As I mentioned earlier, I keep an updated print-out of our list inside the cabinet.  This way, you can easily browse the list if you want a movie night, let a friend choose (without all of the visual scanning), and have a complete list of what you have so that you don’t end up purchasing something you already have.

Happy Organizing!!


DVD-Blue-Ray Organization - Main Image.JPG

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