The Lost Art of Sending Thank You Notes

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The Lost Art of Sending Thank You Notes

We have officially arrived in the day and age where paper communication is tiptoeing along the border of extinction.  Growing up, I still remember my mother making a list of presents received at each birthday.  When the party ended, I was not allowed outside of the house until all of my thank you notes were completed.

At the time, it was obviously a complete drag and I despised every second of it.  In hindsight, I am beyond thankful that my mother instilled this tradition into my brain at an early age.  To this day, I enjoy taking the time to send thank you notes, birthday cards, and even Christmas cards via snail mail.  I believe a physical letter truly adds a personal touch that does not exist with electronic communication.  Plus, who doesn’t love to receive something in the mailbox besides bills!?   Continue reading “The Lost Art of Sending Thank You Notes”