Cinco de Mayo Tacos & Margs!

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Cinco de Mayo Tacos & Margs!

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, along with my best friend Cameron’s fiesta-themed engagement party on Saturday, one of mine and B’s absolute favorite home meals is tacos!

I thought I’d share our ‘how to’ for a fun and festive at-home taco bar.  It is super easy and can be entertaining, yet simple.  We have come to really enjoy the Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit that you can pick up at most local grocery stores.  It typically comes with 10 shells, taco sauce, and seasoning mix – all you are responsible for is meat and toppings.

First, decide which toppings you would like and prepare.  Our go-to items:

  • 1 lb ground turkey (or other ground meat of your choice)
  • 1 tomato (diced)
  • Shredded “Mexican style” cheese
  • Cilantro (remove & discard stems; chop leaves to desired size)
  • Jalapenos (remove seeds & dice)
  • Sour cream
  • Hot sauce (we like Trappey’s Bull Louisiana Hot Sauce)

Taocs - bar of toppings

I usually prepare the above items by placing each item in their own bowl along the bar while the shells are in the oven, and the meat is being cooked and seasoned.  Once everything is ready, grab a plate, your taco shells, and go to town!  Like, seriously we could eat this every night….NOM! =D

Taocs - serving tray.JPG

To top it all off is my new guilty pleasure, the Prosecco Margarita!  Mix the below ingredients and enjoy an amazing fiesta!!

Prosecco Margarita

  • Prosecco – volume of your choice
  • Margarita mix – our current fav is Jose Cuervo Classic Lime Light Margarita Mix
  • Apricot nectar – splash
  • Shot of tequila (depending on how fun you want to get…) – our recent go-to is Altos or Camarena tequila
  • Lime wedge for garnish & flava’



Be sure to tune into my social media pages this weekend for behind the scenes festivities and more tips!

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