The Little Things

The Little Things - Post 2 - Main image - Phone ornament.JPG
{A quirky phone ornament that was given as a Christmas present by my best friend’s mom…I just couldn’t put this one away, so it brightens the floating shelves in our kitchen}

Happy Friday!  B and I are looking forward to a few good friends visiting over the next couple of days and the one week countdown to our beach trip next Friday.  Remember to take time to enjoy the little things and have a wonderful weekend!

The Little Things - Post 2 - Roma tomato plant
{Baby roma tomato plant in cute cedar box my office building handed out on Earth Day}
The Little Things - Post 2 - Tiny puppy creamer
{Tiny puppy shaped individual coffee creamer // I picked up last July in the cutest boutique at the Breakers Palm Beach on my birthday mommy/daughter trip}
The Little Things - Post 3 - Peonies
{Gorgeous peonies blooming in our front yard}
The Little Things - Post 3 - Peachtree St Pillow
{Wool stitched pillow highlighting popular neighborhoods and streets around Atlanta – gift from my mom}


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