The Little Things – Alligator Point

The Little Things - Post 3 - Main Image - Sunset.JPG
{The Little Things – Alligator Point}

Happy Tuesday!  B and I are currently on vacation in Florida on beautiful Alligator Point.  This place is a private and secluded peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, only an approximate 5 hour drive from the ATL.  Being first time visitors, we are absolutely stunned with the amount of solitude and charm this place resonates.

We have rented an adorable bungalow on the beach, complete with an outdoor shower and screened-in porch.  Not only are the puppies allowed in the house, they can roam the beach sans leash!  I cannot vouch that this place is any Punta Cana, but Alligator Point is definitely a secluded oasis of natural beauty.  It is perfect for true beach lovers looking for a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of today’s world.

The Little Things - Post 3 - Wheat Fields in South Georgia.JPG
{Breathtaking wheat fields on our drive through South Georgia}
The Little Things - Post 3 - Crab on the beach.JPG
{These cute little crabs spend all day digging holes, just to get hit by the tide and start all over again the next day…#simplelife}
The Little Things - Post 3 - Full moon sunset.JPG
{View of the full moon from our porch on Saturday evening}
The Little Things - Post 3 - Puppies on the beach.JPG
{Pups in their element…salty dogs, for sure!}


I’ll be taking the rest of the week off, but will return next week with slick beach packing tips and more creative cork uses/crafts.  I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend full of laughter, friends, and family!


3 thoughts on “The Little Things – Alligator Point

  1. I didn’t realize you are at Alligator Point! We have a beach house nearby in Lanark Village near Carabelle. It’s such a nice area. You guys have to check out Angelo’s and Big Daddy’s Pizza in Panacea and the candy shop in Apalachicola. In fact, if you search on my blog for a post called The Forgotten Coast, you’ll find all kinds of recommendations!

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    1. Small world!! We absolutely loved it – so serene with the peace and quiet we were craving. Also, we loved Angelo’s and how we could sit outside by the water during sunset. Thanks for the recommendations!


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