Wedding Gallery Collage- The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art

Wedding Gallery Collage - The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art.JPG
Wedding Gallery Collage – The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art

Collage walls have become all the rage in the past 10+ years.  I was instantly attracted the eclectic style they resonate, as well as the ability to encompass so many stories in such a small area.  You can utilize various frames, textures, and even objects to visually piece together a puzzle of your liking.  My inspiration arose from an absolutely priceless first anniversary gift from some of our best friends, Robert and Courtney Butker.  

If you are unaware, as I was until I began to research the traditions of marriage, each year of matrimony represents a specific type of material substance.  Most know the commonly popular:  25th anniversary = silver ; 50th anniversary = gold ; 60th anniversary = diamond.  In the U.S., year one is “paper” (see here for a full list according to Hallmark).

Robert’s grandfather is an Atlanta-based artist who has sketched countless historical buildings in Georgia.  Ironically, one of his early projects was Callanwolde Fine Arts Center (our wedding venue…see our pictures here and here), which included both the Mansion and the Carriage House (where our rehearsal dinner was held).  While visiting his grandfather’s home back in 2014, Robert was able to dig up two of the last numbered signed prints of his grandfather’s sketches of our beloved Callanwolde.  As a 1st anniversary present…remember paper… Robert & Courtney gifted us these prints.  I seriously could not have imagined a more perfect, personal, and unique gift relating to the “paper” anniversary.


Those prints tunneling my inspiration, I decided this boring wall (above) needed a makeover, wedding wall/collage style!  Some of my inspiration came from Pinterest, as usual (see examples here, here, and here), but they majority rooted from wedding memories I wanted to display and never forget.

Here is what I decided to include…

  1. Callanwolde prints (2) – the gifts I spoke about above.  I found matching frames for each print at Michael’s (where there are often BOGO deals on a beautiful selection and/or coupons).
  2. Wedding “guest book” – we opted for a wooden cut-out of the state of Georgia…perfect to be sealed and hung as wall art.
  3. Wedding collage – I created this on a framed chalkboard from my mother-in-law with our wedding invitation and several other pieces of memorabilia (think…scraps of lace from my wedding dress, our save-the-date, etc.).  I plan to do a post on this soon!
  4. Ceramic “C” art – representing our last name, “Chaney,” which I carried forward from my previous family name, “Cantrell.”  :: gotta love sticking with the same initials…keeps all of the monograms in place! 😉 ::
  5. Framed print of our wedding party – An exquisite personalized print of our wedding party by Mollylloyd Designs that was used for the creation of our wedding program.  I wanted a visual aspect, providing a piece of art that was informational about the wedding party, as well as a beautiful keepsake.  My parents surprised B & I by getting the original drawing professionally framed (again, at Michael’s…always look for coupons).
  6. Canvas print of our wedding song lyrics – Another beloved friend, Austin Renfroe, wrote and performed a song during our wedding ceremony.  He has always been like a big brother to me and we could have not felt more blessed.  I took the lyrics and a picture of our first kiss (yes, he dipped me!…giddy school girl feeling), printed them on tissue paper, and Mod Podged them to a simple canvas.  Memorable & unique.

Wedding Gallery Collage - Wall (after).JPG

Wedding Gallery Collage - The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art.JPG

The finished product…a unique wall of memories dedicated to one of the most memorable days of our lives, thus far!

*** Please note that all addresses involved in the above photography have been altered for privacy and/or are no longer adequate. ***

One thought on “Wedding Gallery Collage- The Ultimate Personalized Wall Art

  1. I love this wall!!! It’s such a great way to take up a big space and is filled with so many memories that you get to see each and every day. Great idea!

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