The Little Things

The Little Things - Post 4 - Sean's Harvest Market
{Sean’s Harvest Market}

This past week, B’s parents were visiting from Washington.  We packed as many family events into their trip as possible, meeting at Sean’s Harvest Market for dinner and drinks the evening they flew in.  B’s sister and her husband, Sean, opened the local market back in 2012, which is conveniently located on the BeltLine near Piedmont Park.  The food is inspired by their love for the small, impassioned food shops in Europe and New York and could not be more delicious, fresh, or unique.  Stop by to enjoy a bite and the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and support this trendy local business.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

// see more on Sean’s Harvest Market via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter //

The Little Things - Post 4 - Flowers from B.JPG
{A beautiful surprise summer bouquet from B…Mynah, our cat, has been very sick the past few days.  He knew just how to pep up my spirits…fresh flowers!  (Costco routinely keeps the most gorgeous blossoms in stock at a fantastic price.)}
The Little Things - Post 4 - Creature Comforts Beer.JPG
{My brother recently turned me on to this light and refreshing summertime beer.  Creature Comforts Brewing Co. is a local Georgia brewery, located in Athens, Georgia (Go Dawgs!).}
The Little Things - Post 4 - Kate Spade, Cobble Hill Toddy.JPG
{My newest impulse purchase…the Kate Spade, Cobble Hill Toddy.  On sale…sleek, compartmentalized, and monogrammed…need I say more?}
The Little Things - Post 4 - Taylor's Bridesmaid's Luncheon Invitation.JPG
{The most adorable bridesmaid’s invitation for my good friend, Taylor’s, wedding in a few weeks.  Cannot wait!  (Hints why I created this Wedding Emergency Kit…)}


One thought on “The Little Things

  1. I love the bridesmaid invitation, I really love the new purse, of course, and I’m so proud how successful Amber & Sean’s business is going. It looks like a GREAT place in a perfect location.


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