Cheap and Easy Decor – Splurge vs. Save

Cheap and Easy Decor - Splurge vs. Save - Main Picture.jpg
Cheap and Easy Decor – Splurge vs. Save

In today’s world of HGTV and over-zealous home design apps, it too often seems that decorating your own abode up to the standards held for your imaginary dream home to be impossible.  Ever since I was a little girl, my mother taught me the value of quality (as noted in this post, relating to our love of designer handbags).  Combined with her exquisite eye for interior design and innate deal-finding abilities, she has taught me several design tricks to make your home feel much more lavish and ornate then the amount of money you put in may portray.

Rule number one // do spend more money on quality items that you will use every day and/or need to last a long time.  Think: sheets, towels, appliances, furniture (especially seating, i.e. couches or chairs), and rugs.

The key here is to shop around.  You do not always have to buy your items from a department store at full price.  T.J. Maxx HomeGoods always keeps their sheet and towel selection stocked with designer brands at half the price!  Several of the larger stores even sell more weighty items such as couches and tables, to light fixtures and area rugs.

Rule number two // do not be afraid to get thrifty.

Several of the furniture items in our home are hand-me-downs, garage sale purchases, or flea market finds.  Two of my top favorites are wooden furniture and picture frames.  The key here is paint.  Chalk paint works wonders and does not require any prep (sanding, primer, etc.) – see my latest post on painting furniture here.

Rule number 3 // turn items you use into decor.

Here, I am talking about the items you would regularly keep stashed in the pantry or a closet (think pasta, olive oil, dish soap, extra bars of soap, cotton swabs, etc.).  Place these items in decorative glass jars or containers to not only save on storage space, but add functional decor to the various rooms of your home.


Olive Oil & Wooden Spoons.JPG

Always think of your home as an unfinished work of art, but one that only you know continuously remain in process and that others believe is complete.  My thought here is that you do not need to purchase everything at once to have a beautiful home.

The key is to routinely clean and keep everything organized and de-cluttered.  Have a place for everything and always take the time to pick up after yourself.  Make small purchases and complete DIY projects over time to not only keep your budget in tact, but to continuously enjoy the growth and evolution of your house progressing into your home.

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