Saddle Stool Makeover – Seating in the Kitchen

Saddle Stool Makeover - Main Image.JPG
Saddle Stool Makeover – Seating in the Kitchen

When we purchased our home, I absolutely adored becoming acquainted with the vintage, yet updated, nooks and crannies of our beloved 1930’s bungalow.  Instantly, one of my favorite rooms was the kitchen.  Heart of the home…access to outdoors for grilling…vastly spacious for the age of the house…what was not to like?

After a few weeks living in our new space, I began to realize something was missing in the kitchen…seating.  We have a formal dining room and tend to eat on the couch while watching TV, but with the kitchen being the heart of the home, it ended up becoming the main room of congregation.  As avid hosts, accompanied with Brandon’s love for cooking, I slowly realized the need for a place to sit your bum, prop up your feet, and take the responsibility of sue chef while having a glass of wine or chatting with visitors.


Due to the sizing restraints of the countertops and cabinets, we had to be creative with our decision.  With a slim array of options, the 24 inch saddle stool won the gold.  Two stools fit perfectly under the countertops for out-of-the-way storage when not in use, but would help provide the optional seating when desired.  My next conquest, finding a price conscious option that went with the style of our home, but would not break the bank.


Saddle Stool - Chalk Paint

I found these at Walmart, believe it or not.  I tend to shy away from Walmart unless completely necessary…it does not exactly provide the most alluring shopping atmosphere…but these stools were only $30 each, easy to assemble, and fit perfectly under our countertops.  Further, as I only wanted to paint the legs (see next paragraph on chalk paint), the seat portion was a nice dark wood color that did not require any further sanding or staining that would need to take place with unfinished or antique wood.

Over the past few years, chalk paint has been popping up everywhere.  The best perk and my favorite feature,  it can be applied to almost any surface with no prep (sanding, priming, etc.).  Hello, time saver!  I immediately went to Pinterest for some research, ending up with the “two toned” look, leaving a portion of the furniture as natural stained wood, becoming my muse (examples here, here, and here).

Steps to creating personalized, chalk paint kitchen stools:

Step One // Purchase stools and paint.
I chose a light blue/gray color to play off the different shades of blue in our kitchen and throughout our home.  (See previous post showing our kitchen here.)  
Step Two // Assemble stools.
All of the tools and hardware you need come in the box.
Step Three // Purchase paint & go to town!
Home Depot keeps several shades in stock, but you can also order online.  You can use painters tape on the bottom of the stools to keep the paint on the legs, or just wing it.  I opted not to…who is truly going to see the bottom of your stools?
Step Four // Let dry and add another coat of paint.
Step Five // Optional – distress and add wax finish.
I opted to skip this step, for now.  I have found that frequently used furniture will become distressed naturally with the wear and tear of everyday life.  I personally prefer this style, but if you would like to take the extra time and ensure your piece will withstand stains and be resistant to liquids, sealing with wax is key.  You can even use a hand sander to distress before waxing to give it that “worn in and truly loved” feel.  
Saddle Stool Makeover - Main Image (2).JPG
Wah lah!  Our kitchen is now adorned with custom, personalized stools that add extra seating which otherwise only existed in the form of countertops or a tile floor.

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