DIY – Wedding Emergency Kit

DIY - Wedding Emergency Kit - Main Image
DIY – Wedding Emergency Kit

If there is one thing I remember from our wedding day, it was the sheer fact that after a year and a half of planning, I did not want to worry about ANYTHING the day of.  In order to do such, my number one suggestion is to hire a day-of coordinator.  My mother and I wanted to do all of the design and planing ourselves, but wanted someone else to “play us” that day.  It was the absolute best decision we made, as we were able to soak in all of the detail and truly enjoy the day rather than worrying about vendor coordination, rounding up the wedding party, etc.

My second suggestion is to create an Emergency Wedding Kit, containing anything and everything you could possibly need on the big day.  My bridesmaids created one for our wedding, and I recently created a DIY version for a wedding I am a bridesmaid for in a few weeks.  This post will show you how to create your own DIY – Emergency Wedding Kit, along with a free printable item checklist.

The List:

DIY - Wedding Emergency Kit - list
// get free printable here //

I started off with making a list of necessities for the kit.  Over about a week time period, I gathered items in a remote location as I purchased or collected them from around the house.  Another good idea is to keep your list in an easily accessible location (i.e. kitchen island), so you can add items as they come to mind.

DIY - Wedding Emergency Kit - Items.JPG

Next, you need a box.  I thought of using a plastic bin, but conveniently, this Xfinity box was delivered containing our new internet router during my planning process.  It is quite large, but not too big, closes securely, and has finger holes, making it travel friendly.  Perfect!

I took filling the box by way of grouping, keeping like items together, and making sure everything was easily accessible.  Ziploc bags are your friend!  I also opted to use a few of the clear zipper bags that came with our luggage, as they gave more dimension and structure (helping grouped items stand up so you can visually see everything).

DIY - Wedding Emergency Kit -Packed box.JPG

In order to make it visually appealing, I crafted a few personalized printouts via Word with the Bride’s name, wedding date, etc.  Then, I used Mod Podge (like in this post) to add colorful scrapbook paper and the personalized tags (making sure to cover all Comcast and Xfinity nonsense).  I even decorated the box’s interior lid with matching paper and the wedding day itinerary (making sure to include all important addresses and phone numbers).

DIY - Wedding Emergency Kit -Decorated box (1)

This kit will keep those wedding day worries at bay, making sure the bride and all of her maids celebrate distress-free all day and night long!

DIY - Wedding Emergency Kit - Inside of Box

Items NOT pictured above:

Items from printable list:
  • Bottled water (coordinate with the MOH, Maid of Honor, and other bridesmaids to see if you want a cooler or if the location(s) will have a place to store cold beverages and/or snacks)
  • Alcohol and mixers
  • Plastic cups
Personally packed items:
  • Bridesmaid dress
  • Undergarments
  • Heels
  • Flats (for dancing)
  • Clutch purse
  • Personal makeup and lipstick
  • Extra pair of contacts
  • Jewelry
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Nail polish (in your color, for touch-ups)
  • Personal medicaiton/prescriptions
  • I.D. and cash
  • Tip money (in cash) for hairdresser (and makeup artist, when applicable)


***If you are in the market for a day-of coordinator in the Atlanta area, please contact me.  Our coordinator is still up and running and is a downright fox!


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  1. This is the sweetest thing!! You are such a great friend and one of the most prepared people I know! I cannot wait to be stress free with my favorite ladies in a few weeks getting ready to say I DO! Love you!

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